1. Do you build outdoor kitchens?

Yes. Just Grillin originally started out exclusively building dream kitchens to fit your needs. If interested in designing an outdoor kitchen, contact the design-build team today to schedule your consultation.

2. Do you offer grill detailing?

We do offer grill detailing and it is performed by a Just Grillin certified employee. See the grill detailing tab for more information.

3. Do you have grilling classes every weekend?

Every weekend we have an event in store from grilling classes to our vendor meet and greets. Check our calendar for more events on what’s smoking on the weekend.

4. Do you sell gift cards?

We do sell gift cards online and in store. Give your favorite griller the gift of possibility with JG! Buy a gift card today.

5. What types of grills do you sell?

We sell high performance built-in grills like Alfresco, Artisan, DCS, Coyote, TEC Infrared Grills and Viking. We sell pellet grills from Yoder Smokers and Louisiana Grills. We are an Alliance dealer for Weber and a Platinum dealer for Big Green Egg. We also sell Broilmaster.

6. Can a built-in grill go on a cart?

Yes – all of Just Grillin’s built-in grills have cart options.

7. What’s the difference between stainless steel cooking grids and cast iron cooking grids?

Cast Iron is a better conductor of heat that will allow you to get a better grill mark on your meat. Although, the maintenance and upkeep is more strenuous versus stainless steel. Stainless steel does not conduct heat as well as cast iron but cooking is much simpler and less cumbersome than cast iron.

8. What’s the best grill brush for my grill?

Our brass brush is better for cast iron grills or porcelain enamel grates because its less abrasive and will not remove the seasoning or finish. Our stainless steel brush is a much more abrasive brush and will remove food particle that are stuck to the grates and used primarily on stainless steel cooking grids.

9. What types of charcoal do you carry?

We carry Basque’s Sugar Maple charcoal and Fogo Premium Lump Charcoal.